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Åland Islands History

As the melting ice retreated from the last Ice Age men settled northward and there is evidence of settlement as early by 4200BC. By 900AD the islands were heavily populated with quite prosperous Viking settlements engaging in trade far and wide. In 1249 Sweden exerted control over Finland and the islands served as both a geographic and cultural stepping stone between the two countries. In 1809 as a consequence of Russia’s victory over Sweden all of Finland, including the Åland Islands came under the control of the Tsars. During the Crimean War the British and French attacked Russian forces at the Åland fortress of Bomarsund in 1854. In 1918 Swedish troops occupied the Åland Islands following the collapse of Russian power and strife in Finland. Despite the fact most Ålanders wanted to remain under Swedish rule the League of Nations arbitration resulted in their return to Finland as an autonomous region.

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The Åland Islands are perfect for Nature lovers and romantic couples. And there’s no better place to enjoy the scerenity of nature than at the HavsVidden Hotel, reached by Eckerö Linjen ferry. European Country more info

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As part of the Åland Island’s constitutionally guaranteed autonomy the islands are both de-militarised and neutral. As a consequence the islands developed a sizable shipping industry which now makes up 40% of the islands economy. The Åland Islands enjoy special European Union tax concessions which help to attract shoppers and promote tax free sales on board the island’s many ferries that operate within the Baltic. The archipelago’s 6500 islands and outcrops, unique culture and pristine seascapes prove magnetic drawcards for tourists who are well catered for. Being so close to both Finland and Sweden the islands offer great weekend escapes for romantic interludes.

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