Andorra's History

The tiny Principality of Andorra is a microstate high in the Pyrenees. Its independence was secured with a 1278 Treaty that created two co-Princes, the Catholic Bishop of Urgell and the Count of Foix. The Count's titles passed through the Kings of Navarre's hands to the Kings of France and now rests with the French President. The Bishop of Urgell's diocese is in Spain's Catalonia region. For centuries Andorra was an agricultural backwater, however it provided a favoured route for smugglers and traders alike avoiding French and Spanish Customs officials. Andorra's isolation has protected it from the ravages of war and the mini-country has only recently taken up full democracy and membership of international organizations. Andorra has a small mining and tobacco industry, but the mainstay of the economy is its unique Catalan culture, magnificent winter skifields and status as a tax free shopping centre and financial tax haven.

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Right Now

The medieval charm and history drenched villages of Andorra have proven a tourism magnet for the last century. The customs of the Andorran people date back to the Middle Ages and are a hit with tourists who flock in their millions annually. The easing of Customs regulations within the EU has reduced Andorra's appeal as a shopping destination however its boutique skifields and financial tax haven status has increased its attraction for investment and tourism. Andorra has experienced rapid economic growth since the 1980's with speedy modernization occurring throughout this postage stamp sized Principality.

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