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Balearic Islands History

Spain's sundrenched Balearic Islands were already well settled and a great mystery to the first ancient Greeks who stepped ashore in the 5th Century BC. Control of the islands alternated between the Greeks and Phoenicians, but after the fall of Carthage the islanders seem to have been left alone till the Romans joined them to their mainland province of Hispania. The Fall of Rome brought the Vandals in the 5th Century but Constantinople's Byzantium Empire arrived soon after only to be expelled by Islamic Moors in the 700's. James I, King of Aragon led efforts to ‘free’ the islands from ‘infidels’, eventually joining the islands to the Kingdom of Aragon in 1344. The islands were regularly plundered by African pirates from the Barbary Coast as well as Turkish privateers in the 1500's. The last invaders were the British who took Minorca (and Gibraltar) in 1708 returning the island to Spain in 1802.

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Today’s invaders to the holiday islands of Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera are only likely to be sun worshipping tourists bent on a good time. During Spain's Civil War the Balearic Islands were in Republican hands until the Nationalist victory in 1939. Consequently they escaped war damage and remained a sleepy backwater during WWII basking in Spanish neutrality. In the 1950's improvements in air travel, together with favourable exchange rates combined to make the Balearic Island's one of Europe's favourite package holiday and cruise destinations. While some come for history and culture most come to lie on the beach or enjoy Ibiza's 24/7 party atmosphere.

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