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Czech Republic's History

Evidence of human occupation goes back to the dawn of time but by the 3rd Century BC the Czech lands were home to organised Celtic tribes. In the 1st Century AD Germanic tribes moved in, to be displaced by Slavs who in the 7th Century established a state in Moravia. In the 9th Century Bohemia flourished and was an important Kingdom in the Holy Roman Empire. In 1241 the Mongol hordes raided Moravia and in 1380 the Black Death brought a different form of devastation. Czechs embraced Protestantism during the Reformation but with the rule of the Habsburgs from 1526 till 1918 the people were ‘persuaded’ to return to Catholicism. With Austria-Hungary’s defeat in WWI, the Czechs joined Slovakia to form a liberal and democratic Czechoslovakia which Hitler’s Germany dissected in 1938 only to be restored under Communist rule in 1945. The fall of communism during the 1989 Velvet Revolution ultimately led to a ‘divorce’ with Slovakia in 1993.

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Czech Republic

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The Czechs first anti-Communist uprising in 1969 was brutally crushed so when the country was finally freed in 1989 they quickly cut ties with Eastern Europe and joined NATO in 1999, the European Union in 2004 and plan to adopt the Euro in 2012. The country was fortunate to escape serious damage in WWII making Prague, Europe’s most spectacular Medieval showcase that dazzles millions of tourists annually. Outside the country’s picturesque capital is breathtaking rural scenery dotted with spooky castles, majestic rivers, and ancient forests that delight nature lovers. Czech’s have a passion for mineral spas, their cuisine is yummy and the beer divine.

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