Italy's History

Italy’s contribution to Western civilisation is immense. Forebears of man have lived in the Italian peninsula for 200,000 years. In the 8th Century BC Greek’s arrived in large numbers eventually naming the south Magna Graecia, while the Etruscan civilisation flourished beginning in modern day Tuscany. Mythology puts the founding of Rome by the twins Romulus and Remus on 21st April 753BC at Rome’s Palatine Hill. The Roman Kingdom became a Republic in 510BC and eventually gobbled up the entire Italian peninsula, absorbing Greek culture and mythology and overflowing to the entire Mediterranean and beyond. In 27BC Caesar became Emperor. In 313AD Christianity received official toleration and Rome’s glory survived as seat of the Holy See. On 24th August 410AD Rome was sacked by Visigoths and the end of the Roman Empire came in 476, ushering in the Dark Ages. Italy’s patchwork of states flourished culturally during the Middle Ages with the birth of the Renaissance. Italy unified in 1861 and in 1946 the Monarchy was abolished following defeat in WWII as a result of Mussolini’s disastrous alliance with Hitler’s Germany.

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If you are visiting Italy’s fashion capital, Milan, you just simply have to pay your respect’s to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper. You’ll recall your visit your whole life but you MUST book ahead. book-now

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History, Art, Fashion, Opera, Music, Cuisine, Romance, Religion, Design and more. That’s what Italy contributes to the world today. And it’s done with a backdrop of breathtaking scenic beauty in wonderful weather. Although Italy’s economic power is long gone its cultural clout is still felt the world over. The mere name “Italy” congers up visions of style, sophistication and quality. Since WWII Italy has foundered politically, the average length for each government less than two years. However in a typical Italian manner, politics does not get in the way of the important things of life! Italy quite simply has to be experienced!

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