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San Marino's History

The microstate of San Marino may be tiny but has a long and fascinating history. The Most Serene Republic of San Marino dates its independence to the 3rd September 301 when a Christian stonemason, now Catholic saint, named Marinus fled persecution and found sanctuary in the Apennine Mountains. Its current constitution dates from 1600 making the state the oldest constitutional republic in the world. Wise leadership over centuries secured San Marino’s freedom. When Napoleon’s army approached emissaries were sent winning his favour and even receiving offers to enlarge the Republic. During Garibaldi’s campaign to create a united Italy, San Marino offered sanctuary to his followers which ensured they were not swallowed up into his new Kingdom of Italy in 1860. San Marino stayed neutral in WWI and tried hard to avoid WWII however the British violated their neutrality by bombing the republic in 1944 and in September Allied forces simply walked in, staying for two months.

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San Marino

Bring your camera to Palazzo Pubblico and enjoy the quant spectacle of the Changing of the Guard ceremony. And remind yourself you in are in a country more ancient than the Italian Republic. European Country more info

Right Now

Picturesque and mountainous San Marino, secluded in the Italian Apennine Mountains takes its identity seriously with visitors finding many of its customs and rich traditions a wonderful spectacle. As a result half of the republic’s economy is dependent on tourism. San Marino has one of the smallest military forces in the world today, its primary job seeming to offer tourists photo opportunities with their colourful Changing of the Guard ceremony. Peaceful San Marino was famous for its Formula One Grand Prix, the last one held in 2006. Banking, manufacturing, wine and cheese are also large contributors to San Marino’s economy.

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